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Alpha Waves – What Do They Do For Us?

What are Alpha Brain Waves, and Why do We Want More of Them?

alpha waves explainedAlpha brain waves are one type of brain wave that correspond to a certain State of Consciousness. In terms of oscillations, they are measured by an EEG as 9-13 hertz cycles per second, and we refer to it as  “Being in Alpha”

Your brain operates at various levels of activity:  the “feeling”, meditative, State of Alpha, (8-13cycles per second), the “logical”, waking, active State of Beta (13-40 cycles per second), the asleep-and-dreaming or deep meditative State of Theta( 4-7 oscillations per second), and the deep sleep/unconscious State of Delta (0-4 oscillations per second).

Click for Live ALPHA WAVES – Downloadable.

“Being in Alpha” is something we all want more of:

  • Your creativity increases.
  • Your brain will stop producing stress hormones and start producing healing hormones, leading to stress release.
  • With your Stress Level Lower, your Intuition will be clearer to you and your “Logical” self will not take over what you feel.
  • You will generate innovative solutions to problems instead of trying to solve problems with pure logic and reasoning.
  • You’ll be able to give a peak performance if you allow yourself to relax into alpha just prior to the event. Athletes and anyone who needs to give their best will benefit from relaxing into alpha and visualizing success, just before the event.
  • You will make great progress in self-improvement and self-reprogramming because you are more receptive to suggestion in alpha (which is why alpha is also great for learning).

“Being in Beta” is the “action” mode, but it is also characterized by one thing we all want to get away from – stress:

Because Beta has the important job of “action mode” we would be nowhere without it; if we’re not alert when we’re awake, bad things can happen, right?   The problem with being in Beta is when things don’t work when they’re supposed to…like relationships, or our job etc.. and then our reaction to them is the same as if we were running from a house on fire – High Anxiety. 

So to get rid of stress, we have to go into the slower, deeper brain activity states.  The State of Alpha.   This sounds simple, but as anyone who has tried meditation will tell you, it’s almost impossible to focus on the breath while you have drama and worries on your mind.

And if you manage to get into the meditative state, it’s hard to stay there. Again – drama, worries… this is why so many people get turned off by the thought of meditating. It’s hard! But then again, the benefits are outstanding.

The trick to not stressing out or living in a state of Anxiety, is to teach your brain to learn to ‘shift’ brain wave states’ when, and as they are needed.

Being in any given brain wave state is great and useful – except when you need to be in a different state of consciousness, such as when:

  • You cannot sleep, your brain is not in theta or delta, but spiking up into beta (which is why you can have stressful thoughts at night)
  • You cannot focus, your brain is not in beta
  • You have writer’s block or other creative blocks, you are not in alpha
  • You cannot control your emotions or think your way out of a complex situation, you are not in alpha.

If you can learn to direct your brain to enter a specific state of consciousness when you need it, your life will improve!

The trick is just to learn how to create that shift when you need it!

Question:  What to do?  How to both teach our Brains how to “Shift” States and Produce more Alpha waves  – Easily?

Suggestions:  Listening to Alpha-Inducing Binural Beats and Brain Training (NeuroFeedback) are two ways proven to increase your Alpha State; NeuroFeedback specializes in helping your Brain to learn how to “Shift” or increase in plasticity.

Recommendation #1:    Use the Alpha-Inducing Binural Beats that arrived with this email to spend time in Alpha everyday that you are not going to have a NeuroFeedback Session; use the time to relax, visualize, let your imagination run wild with creative ideas, and just take the edge off.

Recommendation #2:    With the help of NeuroFeedback Brain Training, your brain improves its’ Plasticity; your brain learns to ‘Shift’ into whichever state is optimal for you at the time.  You can spend more time in alpha and enjoy those benefits when you need them, not just random if you are a personal who has a tendency to always “be doing“  or, “in a Beta State”  – rather than “Just Being“ most of the time.


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