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Fascinating Facts and Links

Here is a Summary of what you will experience from your Introductory Neurofeedback Session:

“You Don’t Drown from Falling Into Water, You Drown from Staying in it”

 HEG Overcomes “Falling in Water

During your Introductory Neurofeedback Session, you will be provided with an HEG (Hemo-Encephalography or “Measurement of Blood Level”)  Assessment on your Prefrontal Cortex.. This is the “Income Statement” (ie. daily/ current vs. historic/ longer term storage of Operations) of the Brain which Benefits most from regular ‘workouts’ to Metabolize it.

ie.To Metabolize Your Biceps, you might do Pushups.

The ONLY way to Metabolize Your Prefrontal Cortex, which is to increase Oxygenated Blood flow and Glucose into Capilillaries in the Forehead Region of Your Brain – Hairline Forward – is through A SINGLE POINT OF FOCUS.

For the Prefrontal Cortex this can Only be Accomplished in these 3 Ways:  Meditation, Technical Reading or NeuroFeedback.

And just like the way the rest of Your Physical Body Benefits from Physical Activity to Metabolize it, Your Prefrontal Cortex, or “Executive Functions” which is Really the “Decision-Making” System of Your Brain – Benefits from being Metabolized in Only those 3 ways.

Interesting, huh?

EEG Overcomes the Affects from having “Stayed in Water too Long”

The EEG (Electro-Encephalography – or Measurement of Electricity which are measured as Hertz Levels, or Oscillations per Second, from the Surface of Your Scalp) Assessment which is required  prior to being able to provide you with “Peak Performance” Sessions to overcome Longer Terms affects of Stress resulting in Sleep Disturbances, Distraction, Brain Chatter, Lack of Memory, Concentration, Tiredness and Exhaustion, Ongoing Anxiety etc. as well as ADHD, OCD, Depression, Addictions and other Behaviours which are unproductive and disruptive to Your Life.

The EEG Assessment reports on the “Balance Sheet” of the Brain and shows us where longer term affects of Stress/ Anxiety have altered our once healthier, more ‘plastic’ or flexible Brain States (Delta (2-4htz), Theta (4-8 htz), Alpha (8-12 htz), Beta (13-38 htz)and Gamma (38-60 htz), or patterns of oscillations (from 2hertz to 60 hertz).

The EEG Assessment is only required once and it comes with a series of 5 or 6 ‘exercises’ or protocols (30 min each) which when combined with 27 minutes of HEG during each session really puts the Brain through a Bootcamp of resetting itself (All Self-Regulation Training) back to where it oscillates at the correct speeds or hertz levels in all the right places so that we are all once again Calm and Confident and Terrifically Productive during our days with lots of energy left over at 6pm for our families and ‘plastic’ once more for easy sleep onset and sped up, or more efficient REM cycles of sleep (5 REM Cycles are required each night o fully regenerate our Organs and Physical System) so that we sleep through the night but do not need as much time to sleep in order for our bodily systems to be fully regenerated for our next day.


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For your ongoing curiousity and interest, here are some of the links to the Documentaries and Medical Research & Development Articles which may have been referred to during your NeuroFeedback Session at The No Stress Success NeuroFeedback Clinic.

1)  Nova Science / PBS – Hypothesis on the Development of the 150,000 Year Old “New” Human Brain:  (Go to the 1hour and 30min mark for topic specific research).

2)  NeuroFeedback Brain Training Sites and What the Different Parts of Your Brain Do for You: ‎

3)  Global Medical Research, Evidence and Articles on the Efficacy of NeuroFeedback

4)  Enhance Peak Performance with NeuroFeedback:

5)  What Else Does NeuroFeedback Help With?

6)  What is SMR and What Does it Do for You?

7)  Testimonials on the Life Changing Positive Affects of NeuroFeedback Training:


BINURAL BEATS – For your ongoing Peace of Mind, or to aid your Meditation and Relaxation experience you had in “Alpha” during your NeuroFeedback Session with me, please go to our “Why do We Want More Alpha Waves” page and click to listen to, or download your own “Alpha Binural Beats” Meditation sound track.


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