No Stress Success NeuroFeedback Clinic

Eliminate your Anxiety and live Carefree again…

Session Fees, Promotions and Discounts

Our Services:

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Busy Schedule? Ask us about our Mobile Sessions.

 Full NeuroFeedback 9 page Assessment & Printout  Cdn $250.00
Initial Session (45 minutes) and Consultation (45 minutes)
Cdn $125.00
30 minute Session – HEG, HRV and/ or EEG
Cdn $65.00
60 minute Session – HEG and EEG or HRV (Heart Rate Variation)
Cdn $90.00
Package of 5 Sessions
10% discount
Package of 10 Sessions
15% discount
Student, Senior and Industry Special – Call ahead to book! $50 for 60 minutes
We accept: Email /Online Cash transfers, Cheques and Credit Cards.

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