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Testimonials from Clients of NeuroFeedback – Globally:

LPGA golfer, Tracy Hanson shows us how NeuroFeedback has helped her find her focus on the golf course and stay ‘in the zone’.      Published on Aug 28, 2012
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I started Neurotherapy with No Stress Success in hopes to fix a bizarre anxiety problem I have where I get uncontrollably irritated with certain movements and sounds. After just a few sessions I found that I was not only less irritable and able to cope with my anxieties, but I found myself to be more relaxed and at ease in general. I was also able to deal with stressful or anxiety-driven scenarios in a calm and collected manner. Before I started Neurotherapy, I was only able to sit in the front row of my classes, because any sort of movement or sounds would drive me nuts. I am now able to sit anywhere I please, and even though I still get slightly irritated, I am able to cope with it better. The results to Neurotherapy are so subtle that you find that you are magically calm and at ease.

March 2013 – ‘Alysa, 22 – UBC Student.


Washington Redskins Quarterback, Kirk Cousins, shares his story about how Neurocore has helped him elevate his game to the next level. He started working with Neurocore  (NeuroFeedback Clinic in Michigan USA) during his time at Michigan State. His mind along with his physical gifts have allowed him to carry his career into the professional ranks.   Published on Aug 28, 2012 


“Fascinating.  I mentally feel stronger, more calm and I am finding that I am motivated to do the little things on my to-do list that have been waiting for a long time to get accomplished”

-July 2012 – ‘Carol , 56 – Mother, Grandmother and Contract Fundraiser for non-profit women’s center in Tri-City area’


“My 19 year old son said ‘Mom, you’re talking about all the things we always talk about at dinner, but you are so much calmer tonight – you seem happier'”

– Aug 2012 – ‘Shelley, 50 – Vancouver Telephone company Lead Supervisor, wife and mother.  Delta BC’

“I was really hungry afterwards, and really calm; but today (the next day) I worked for 10 hours on my bio-deisel system and now its 10pm at night and I’m still going strong – I’m surprised I’m not feeling that exhaustion from all the sub-contractor hassles that I have during the day, that I normally feel.  This is great!”

– July 2012 – ‘Adam, 49 – Engineer, Entrepreneur and single Dad.  Langley BC’

“I had been waking up with ‘mini panic attacks’ because my financial situation has been drastically changed for the worse with my recent separation, job changes and bad investments over the past couple of years.. it finally all caught up with me.  Today after 5 Neuro Feedback sessions, I finally am beginning to feel as though everything is going to be ok, again – I actually believe my future will improve; I have a lot of work to do to catch up, but at least I am able to get to sleep at night and wake up feeling like I even want get through it all.. before these  Neuro Feedback sessions I just wanted to crawl back and hide under the covers for the day and give up”  – March 2012 – ‘Mirelle, 46 – Business woman, divorcee.  Vancouver BC’

“As an independant Mortgage broker, I have to be motivated; I just got through my second divorce, I have almost no assets, I rent my apartment but for some great reason, after 10 session with the Neuro system, I feel bullet-proof.. I feel great cold calling again and I really believe I am going to successfully reinvent myself again.  Not bad considering I’m in my 50’s!”  January 2012 – ‘Rob, 54 – Mortgage broker, single Dad.  North Vancouver BC’

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