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How Does NeuroFeedback Work? (The Science!)

Have you ever watched a videotaping of yourself giving a speech or presentation?

Did you learn a lot about yourself?

No doubt you did.

This is called “The Observer Effect”
‘Observation changes that which is being observed’

And this is how NeuroFeedback helps your brain “present” a better you.

How does Observing apply to NeuroFeedback and Help you with Your Individual Concerns?

It may remind you of Quantum Mechanics – but it is an easy concept when you think about watching a video of yourself, doesn’t it?

Well it is,  NeuroFeedback is simply a playback to your brain and to “show” it how it is operating – or performing – and once your brain can “see” itself, it changes to improve  – just like you do when you’re watching a video of yourself giving a presentation.

NeuroFeedback is a mirror for your brain to show itself it doesn’t need to worry or stress out… and after 30 minutes of relaxing in a comfortable chair listening to music (our ears hear 3 times faster than our eyes see, so we show your brain a mirror of itself through sound), you leave feeling as relaxed as if you just had a week of vacation!

And your life will love you for it!  Your relationships will improve, your life will improve.. check out our testimonials!

NeuroFeedback is non-invasive and no work from you is required. In fact, some of our clients even use it for their nap time!

This is a 40 year old technology that really works; see public, you-tube videos below:

What is NeuroFeedback?;feature=player_embedded
Is NeuroFeedback an useful therapy?
NeuroFeedback for Peak Performance
Improve your Career, Sports, Relationships:;feature=player_embedded
 Help your kids focus, become better at sports, calm down at home:
ADHA Kids – Before and After NeuroFeedback
What is ADHD?


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